About Who Will Village


The Village is situated in Kampong Chhnang Province just over 55 km north-west of the capital town of Phnom Penh and is about 2 km from the market in Salalek 5, Kompong Tralach District. It is in a quiet rural area surrounded by farm land and only one field away from Wat Tropeang Kchav, the local Pagoda.


Currently comprises 6 family houses around a village green with a wooden gazebo in the middle. Another building provides an office, 3 classrooms, a library and a medical room. Separated from the main site is a Volunteer House comprising 4 twin bedrooms and a communal kitchen/living room. We have a Soccer pitch, a Volley Ball court and a fish pond with a gazebo over it. We recently dug a second pond to provide water storage for the vegetable garden. We grow, sweet potatoes , cassava, water melons, pumpkin, bananas and corn.

There are numerous fruit trees around the site that provide an ample supply of mangos in the season. Other fruit will follow when the newer trees mature.



Due to the change in Government policy concerning children’s centres we have no plans to expand the facilities currently provided. The only future development proposed is the extension of the vegetable garden into more of the adjoining land in our ownership.

Who Will Children Village

Who Will Children Village